Skip to main content is the new name for electrotoxic, launched in 2001 as a collective running local events and online promotion of electronic music from producers in ireland. five years on and the label has developed into more than just a local showcase with incoming releases from international artists as well as the best electronic produce from our own shores. All previous Electrotoxic releases are still available for download.


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electronica 52
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mad ep 2
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red box recorder 2
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shadow huntaz 2
t-polar 2
wahn 2
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Techno 1
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analogue 1
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reaktor 1
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somatic responses 1
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vertical67 1
water 1
zark behida 1
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Directions is the first VA release on Electrotoxic, a 12 track compilation straddling the various styles of both previous and forthcoming releases
Colour Codes is Red Box Recorder's second album on Acroplane, and is a definite improvement on last year's debut. Embracing a gamut of different styles, and incorporating live instrumentation and orchestral samples alongside intricate programming, it is an upbeat and colourful record. Absolutely free download. Includes PDF booklet of exclusive artwork by Max McLaughlin.
Topics: eletronica, red box recorder, acroplane
The debut album from Berlin’s Vertical67. If you’ve ever caught a live performance you’ll have heard his more acidy/ravey works, but for this LP we see a much more personal side to him. At times uplifting and psychedelic, others dark and melancholic, this 18 track LP is a huge musical statement, and is really quite astonishing in depth and scope. Mad skills. Enjoy.
Topics: electronica, jungle, psychedelic, vertical67, berlin, acroplane, downtempo, bass
by Sean Quinn
Seán Quinn is an electronic musician/composer/producer who grew up listening to the music of Kraftwerk, John Foxx, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, La Düsseldorf. He is the only Irish person ever to be signed to the legendary ambient label E.G. Records whose roster included Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Harold Budd etc. He has worked with producer & System 7 mainman Steve Hillage, and also the Penguin Cafe Orchestra & Language recording artist TAO from Japan. As one half of electronic duo The...
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Ambient, Melodic Downtempo, Chillout
"About 18 months ago I had a notion to do a track with Warrior Queen, & when I got to London to record the vocal track I ended up in a small studio in Stretham Hill with A bunch of big Jamaican blokes (chuffing heavily) and of course... Warrior Queen. All was going accordingly until she went out on a call and I was approached by this huge black guy who demanded (politely though) that I record a version of him on the rhythm. Naturally I obliged and in one take he laid down such a...
Topics: dub, dancehall, jungle, dubstep
Fresh from his successes on Planet-Mu, Barry has given us this nice little slice from his past. From Barry - "I made Koss, 98 Loop and Rhodes Draft in 1998 right after I got my first PC for doing tunes on. I was heavily into DJ Shadow so I wanted to try putting tracks together from samples of old vinyl, which I already had a decent sized collection of thanks to my Dad. I also spent ages going through all the record shops in Belfast looking for old jazz and soundtracks and stuff like that...
Topics: boxcutter, 1998, hip hop, downtempo, jazz, reaktor, melodic, acroplane, lo-fi, barry lynn
"This was originally released as a 3" CD on October Man Recordings in two editions; green (first) and gold (second), on the 5th of July 2008. I remembered reading that Ian had planned to re-release it as mp3s at some stage, so I had to get in there and acquire it for Acroplane. It's the 1st Koen Park music I encountered, and is still probably my fav of his releases, although i've enjoyed everything i've heard to date. Melodic Electronica as good as any i've heard. So yeah, enjoy....
Topics: melodic, electronica, koen park, ambient
Some wonderfully weird Techno, Dancehall, Ambience, Dubstep and Noise from Wrong Music co-founder Ebola. In the past he has released music of varying styles, from Grime to Harsh Noise on Wrong Music, Mutant Sniper, Sublight and Proboscus. Check out his brand spanking new ‘Mutant Dubstep’ EP on Spectraliquid too!
( 1 reviews )
Topics: electronica, dubstep, techno, dancehall, ambient, noise, ebola, acroplane,wrong music
by eN
'The 3rd Chapter EP' is the first release from eN, a budding laptop musician from London, currently studying Music Informatics in Brighton. Pairing the alluring qualities of atmospheric breaks and harsh edited Jungle rhythms with washed out synthetic soundscapes and deep bass, it walks the line between the tranquil and intense. A founding partner of the No-Test collective and the infamous Erisian Discharge night’s, eN has been an up and coming force to watch out for, for some time now....
( 1 reviews )
Topics: jungle, soundscape, idm, banging, dancefloor, acroplane, brighton
by Bazz Barr
Bazz has been inspired by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Mike Shannon, Bruno Pronsato, Pheek, Matthew Dear, Jay Haze & the Textone/Contexterrior collective and many others. His productions centre around a wide variety of minimal & glitch filled stutters and scrapes created using a bedroom PC and lots of software.
Topics: Techno, minimal techno
Outer space. A time after the past and before the future, a rogue astro bandit named Jack Tiraquon has uncovered a relic from the long lost vaults of groove, floating freely in space. The creator, known as Mr. 8040, is said to have been a high ranking Space Dimension Controller in the quadra-sector of the Tiraquon6 security barrier, but legend tells of Mr. 8040 occasionally losing his mind and breaking out in a frenzy of galactic funk. These frenzies were recorded and are now presented to you...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: electro, techno, galactic funk, acroplane, boxcutter, filaria, monolith
by Dara Grehen
The second release on Electrotoxic comes from the latest addition to the artist roster, Dubreak aka Dara Grehen from Dublin. His sound is an intricate tapestry of interwoven hardware synth melodies with a layer of electronic percussion. Dubreak began to record his music in 1993, as a sonic diary for the current sounds that brought a smile to his face. He has been on countless voyages to the Outerworld, where he persuaded several high profile algorithms to spare his puny heu-mann existence. This...
Topics: Downtempo, IDM, Electronica
LAKKER are Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith who make everything from abstract glitchiness to rampaging gabba using only a couple of laptops, the occasional microphone and their considerable musical smarts. They have been mainstays on the Irish electronic music scene since their inception in 2003. Described in the Journal of Music in Ireland as "one of the best electronic acts in Ireland", their output has ranged from electro-acoustic soundscape pieces to mashed-up death-metal-sampling...
Topics: electronica, minimal, ambient, acroplane, dublin, lakker, techno
Our new 23 track compilation. It's pretty epic! It contains tracks from Lackluster, wAgAwAgA, Animals on Wheels, Elite Barbarian, Sitezen, Subeena, Blake Market, Egon Fisk, Red Box Recorder, Filaria, Vertical67, Startslow, Mothboy, Mad EP, BEW, Space Dimension Controller, CutOut, Wahn, Vacuum Systems, Koen Park and RL/VL - Phew! :) Artwork by Louisa Donnelly -
Topics: dub, ambient dub, idm, electronica, various artists, acroplane, dubstep, bass
In 1990, a lion child was born to human parents in Dundonald hospital, Northern Ireland. The parents saw the child as an abomination and demanded it be shot immediately. Before the executioner made it to the delivery room, the lion child had bitten the doctors face off and split his mother vertically before leaping out of the window and onto a car. It wasn't until 2006 that the lion child was seen again by a homeless person named Clarence. Clarence had heard strange noises coming from an...
Topics: idm, electronica, amen, rl/vl, granular
These are my 15 megabytes of fame. The Internet has washed my brain.
The 1st release on Acroplane by Lackluster. 'One of a kind' is the expression, which best describes the Finnish electronic music auteur Esa Ruoho, regardless whether we are talking about the organic quality of his music under the artist name Lackluster or just the artist himself in his private life. Esa Ruoho is truly an original; a homegrown and uncompromising composer and an eccentric explorer of science and nature. The Cold Trail EP is Esa at his melodic best.
Topics: electronica, lackluster, melodic, acroplane
The debut album from Red Box Recorder makes a statement of intent. Setting his sights on nothing less than world domination and political hegemony, this London-based producer uses the medium of wonky electronica to indoctrinate the masses. Ranging from ravetastic workouts to meditative soundscapes, and embracing everything in between, this is music designed to surprise, delight and induce total brain meltdown – for free! The emphasis here is not on technical wizardry but composition - a...
Topics: electronica, dubstep, ambient, breakbeat, red box recorder, acroplane
by Gary Spence
T-Polar aka Gary Spence has been a major player in the Electrotoxic netlabel since day one, Gary has used his Citezen project as a playground for darker and more experimental ideas. After a string of excellent releases on Modernism, Morris Audio, Karloff and the Epsilonlab and Thinner netlabels, he exercises a looser form of expression in his debut Electrotoxic LP combining moody soundscapes, broken beats, and beautiful melodies with an ever present but more adventurous T-Polar style. From...
Topics: Downtempo, IDM, Experimental, Ambient, Soundscape, Electronica
In your more cynical moments you might think that the already overcrowded world of experimental DIY electro needs another knob twiddling home studio dweller like it needs a collection of badly warped vinyl but consider the case of Simon Smerdon AKA Mothboy, a geezer of no little wit and invention. For starters, he's no fresh faced upstart, having been around long enough to amass a not inconsiderable discography and, what's more, anybody who claims he's fairly popular in "awkward chin...
Topics: electronica, hip hop, dark hop, bass, dark, ambient, breakbeat, noise, acroplane, london
On an autumnal morning in 1975 an unwanted baby was left on the doorstep of a convent in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland. Raised by nuns and dubbed 'Sitezen' the child soon developed a passion for the haunting music of the sisters. Spurred on by the depraved sexual practices witnessed there he stayed well into his twenties, working mainly as a handyman and occasionally delivering God's (and sometimes Jesus') more private messages to each nun individually. Secretly training in Cubase from his...
Topics: acroplane, garage, dub, ambient, belfast, 2 step, t-polar
by startslow
Startslow, AKA Gustave Savy draws influence from all sorts of places, from Matmos to Fugazi. He has been making music in various forms for more years then he wants to admit to. Starting as a sax player, then becoming a bass player, then turning back to the sax, through various bands and projects, and all the while tinkering with computers, samplers, recording devices and all that stuff. Gus recently played sax for one of his all-time heroes 'Citizen Fish', so now he can die happy. From the days...
Topics: hop hop, electronica, max/msp, bass, acroplane, ambient, dark
Koen Park is the work of Ian D Hawgood. Working between his small apartment in Tokyo and his mum's garage in south London, he makes washed out electro-hip-hop -pop-folk-shoegaze music. Pastoral Pioneer was made with circuit bent casios, drums, piano, field recordings, melodica, harmonium, warbly old tape recorders and musical smarts. The results are both unique and wonderful.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: electronica, melodic, minimal, piano, casio, circuit-bent, , koen park, hip-hop, abstract
The brothers John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as Somatic Responses, are still native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of Wales. Somatic Responses are into complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness intertwined. If their early productions were of the hardcore and techno kind, and while they later moved on to breakcore territories,...
Topics: dubstep, techno, electronica, somatic responses, acroplane, dark
by dubreak
Dubliner Dubreak returns with his long awaited 2nd release on Acroplane. 7 tracks of varied dub fuelled electronica..with a concept, influencing how the tracks were made... Water. From early memories as a little kid of it seeping into and breaking a cool solar powered watch that I thought would last me my lifetime, to midnight snorkeling with phosphorescence. From it leaking into my tent at festivals, into my sleeping bag. To it somehow finding it's way from the shower through the floorboards...
Topics: electronica, concept, water, bass, dub, dubreak, dublin, acroplane, downtempo
Molez is based out in Subotica, Serbia, and is a member of the Symptom Crew, an organisation devoted to pushing diverse electronic music. His dubstep productions are characterized by deep, sci-fi soundscapes. You can check out some more of his music on Digital Distortions, Dubkraft and Rottun Recordings. Artwork by Noiz. Mastered by Alex Lennon.
by Barry Cullen
BEW is BarrysElectricWorkshop. 'Teeth Like Medieval Ruins' is his first release on the Electrotoxic netlabel. This set of recordings was inspired by the discovery of an old dis-used harpsichord. It was blocking the fire exit onto the roof of the school where Barry works. Around the same time he was making recordings of the harpsichord (with condenser and contact microphones) he rescued four autoharps from being thrown in a skip, these were in various states of disrepair. He fixed up two of them...
Topics: IDM, Electronica
Lastrapink grew up in Venezuela, and from an early age was into playing instruments and studying harmony with his music teacher Emilio Mendoza. He was impressed by the acid underground music that was brought to Venezuela from London so he decided to travel to the UK to learn English and to perform his own music in various UK parties and clubs. Soon after he made the jump to Berlin to work with people such as Phlex, Vertical 67 and the Hasenland krew, and to play alongside such luminaries as...
Topics: electronica, bass, south american, venezuela, electro, acid, acroplane, dark, techno
by v/a
a various artists compilation showcasing irish talent alongside some of our talented pals from around the world. tracklisting: 1. neon flummoux - the questionable cat 2. ken and ryu - class of '98: old, fat, broken 3. masterbot - 96Hz (bew remix) 4. sidney crawford - one for the chilli earls 5. startslow - prefab shrink 6. dubreak - marcus garvey dub 7. MO75 - auto prade 8. ruairi lazers - neverending 9. blakkar noir - blakkstar4 get part 2 here:...
Topics: ambient, various, dark, hiphop, electronica, acroplane, belfast, downtempo
Portals is the debut LP by Venezuela's Lastrapink. Years ago he was impressed by the acid underground music that was brought to Venezuela from London, and so so decided to travel to the UK to learn English and to perform his own music in various UK parties and clubs. Soon after he made the jump to Berlin to work with people such as Phlex, Vertical 67 and the Hasenland krew, and to play alongside such luminaries as Plaid, Jega and Modeselektor at RockPaperScissor parties. Since then he has also...
Topics: acid, breaks, electro, jungle
Chevron - BN1 4GB One afternoon, in the waiting room of a needle exchange, I watched afternoon telly and bashed out four new tracks. Individually, in one take, I recorded them live onto tape. Outside, methadone addicts argued ferociously about hardcore lager and fed a dog raw steak. Inside, an over sensitive monster vented at the imagined scent of a tofu passanda. Acroplane now present you a small slice of my life, down and around BN1 4GB. Artwork by Piratio.
Topics: acid, roland, techno, electronica
Sci-Fi Mutant Dubstep, Breakbeat and Acid. The debut EP from Berlin's Vacuum System, who you may remember released his 1st track on Acroplane V/A 02. Mastered by DOC NO -
'Automatic Tasty' is the result of one fella's misguided electronic wanderings, and, having only recently been created is still toddling about in relative infancy. Playing to approximately six people at a time in his bedroom he has quickly risen to massive fame, his soulful brand of angst-ridden pop-balladry causing him to come to the attentions of that unflinching bastion of the underground, Mr. Louis Walsh, who posthumously referred to him in a recent interview as being both 'the next big...
Topics: electronica, fun, melodic, lo-fi, dublin, automatic tasty, electro, acid, analogue, acroplane
"This album mix is a selection out of my relatively slower attempts at music (
( 1 reviews )
The 3rd EP by New York sound development artist, Tidy Kid. Tidy Kid is a fictional musical character, conceptualized to help push innovative musical experimentations in the hope of a new outlook and philosophy on life and the brain's relationship with ones spirit. In other words, concept driven sound projects, which urge your views to push through modern trends. It currently sounds a bit like electronica. This music was taken from Tidy Kid's Performance Fragments DVD, remixed and re-packaged....
( 1 reviews )
Topics: electronica, improvisation, live, new york,concept, strange, tidy kid, acroplane
The debut LP from Lyon resident, Opti. For the last years, he released a few projects on several labels including Jarring Effects, F4t Music, DEMENT3D, Combat Recordings and Airflex Labs. As a label manager and promoter, he founded Airflex Labs ( in 2008 with Perkid and Led Piperz, building a strong local french scene and building bridges between Uk and France. Opti's music is really varied and depends on what he wants to produce at the time. On short records, he tends to...
by David Baxter
David Baxter aka Filaria aka Reaktor Meltman Extraordinaire (not a real alias :D) has been melting heads with hectic acid inflected synthetic music that's equally crammed with ideas and emotion for a long time now, and not content with this has started incorporating clarinet, bass guitar, drums, and probably about thirteen other instruments into his tracks and live shows. These new tracks show how far he's come from his precocious beginnings, and are further reason for fans of experimental...
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Downtempo, IDM, Electronica
by Clive Kells
The Electrotoxic netlabel launch kicks off with the first release from label boss Clive Kells. Stimpack gets things going with its deep pads and probing beats, hinting towards a mix of a sci-fi soundtrack and some earlier Detroit electronics while, like most of Clive's tracks, still delivering plenty of emotion as it skips between half timing and a busier 130bpm noodling. Embedded has an air of the mighty Monolake around it, again warm atmospheric pads peppered with a popping meandering digi...
Topics: Downtempo, IDM, Electronica
I approach the tracks like they’re each little creatures, with their own ways of moving and interacting with the environment around them. Each one is supposed to have a certain personality or feel which is in some way distinct from the others. However, by virtue of them all being grown from the same broad gene pool they feel related to each other, sharing in the environmental pressures from the world around them. All the tracks on this album were made over the last year and a half or so. They...
3 Original tracks plus remixes from wAgAwAgA, Kinnego Flux, RL/VL and Dubreak. Morc is... Simon-john Smerdon (Mothboy) - Michael Palace (Horchata) - Cover photo by Michael Palace taken here Mothboy thanks :- Mike, Paul & Acroplane, Nic & Adnoiseam, Dan & Pete, Savy Startslow & pints at The Crown (Bristol), Kea & Fluff, Dando-Moore, MDC, Remixers for their bostin' versions, everyone else.. Horchata is Michael Palace....
Topics: dub, bass, breaks, mothboy, horchata, acroplane, ambience, funk
by Ruairi Lazers
A one-man show, combining crazy live drumming with schizophrenic brain-numbing laptop programming, based in victoria, b.c, Ruairi Lazers has an experimental approach to dance music that often results in the unpredictable. All manner of styles and tempos are mashed together in an intelligent mix of acoustic instruments, ambient interludes, melodic synths and breakbeats. His sound is influenced by the artists such as Tipper, Richard H Kirk, Shpongle and Si Begg as well as the output of Skam,...
Topics: electronica, idm, breakbeat, live drums, abstract, melodic, acroplane, canada
The 1st release of several on Acroplane by underground Hip Hop Don Mad EP (Ad Noiseam Records, Hymen Records), this record including support from Cdatakill (Ad Noiseam), Shadow Huntaz (Skam) and Larvae (Ad Noiseam). High-end headphone music for the wee hours of the morning, inspired by walking around NYC and Chicago - a reflection of those times - the people out at 3 or 4 in the morning are different creatures than those you see at 12 or 1.
Topics: hip-hop, beatbox, ambient, electronica, acroplane, downtempo, abstract, mad ep, shadow huntaz,...
The second Isocore solo album is finally out after a long wait. Sugna means dirty, soggy, greasy, fat. Isocore's aim is to destroy music, destroy tempo, destroy. Strumming over hiphop reminiscent beats, battering keys like a 2 year kid would do to dancefloor anthems, Sugna is an intense experience..... Isocore is Paolo Elmo, producer and designer born in Rome, Italy 1983. He started to produce beats in 2001. In 2003, together with Pierlo, Jacques Malchance and Tracky Birthday, he founded the...
Topics: electro, hiphop, electronica, idm
Some new atmospheric dubtronics and such from Wahn, on a slightly different tangent than before. "I didn't want to stick to the dark and rough soundscapes of The Secret Tapes (Acroplane ACP059), so I tried to produce something much easier to listen to. It's a kind of tribute to old space theme based video games like the Space Quest saga, Elite or Captain Blood. A friend of mine told me that the EP was making him thinking of Western fights like the Ennio Morricone ones. 2 men standing in...
by brian robinson
‘Passing’, a collection of music recorded between 2003 & 2006. "A seductive amniotic experience" - Belfast Telegraph. Like scores for little unmade films or little moments in time, Brian's compositions move through far-reaching sonic landscapes filled with simple melodies, complex beats and hanging chords, both unexpected and beautiful! An individual voice, distinctive, striking, alluring.
Topics: ambient, melodic, beautiful, electronica, acroplane, belfast
Matthew Peters (aka Mad EP) has been influenced by Bach's 'Well-Tempered Klavier' and Shostakovich's '24 preludes and fugues' for years, and so decided to do something similar for the breakbeat. Like Bach & Shostakovich, originally the project was supposed to be a composition exercise to compose a breakbeat in every major & minor key, but soon it really hooked him and he ran with it, trying to offer as much diversity as he could while still having the group make sense as a whole....
Topics: hip-hop, breakbeat, acroplane
A remix LP of one of Acroplane and Net-audio's biggest releases of 2008, 'Vertical67 - Reflect'. Included are remixes by +10, Lastrapink, Filaria, Mrs Jynx, Red Box Recorder, Acidburp, Loom, Die Blutige Hand, V67, Twell, Koen Park and RL/VL. Vertical67's Reflect LP is also still available for free download from Acroplane. Highly recommended.
Topics: electronica, acid, jungle, ambient, acroplane
Our newest release from Dave Filaria (Acroplane/Kinnego Flux/Bugklinik).This is an album of mixed styles, some quite recent, some quite old, some in between. They are all generally dancefloorish. It starts with some acid breakbeat, detours into some dubbish step down converters,and finishes with some drum and bass cadet melodic jungle licks...Nice.
Topics: electronica, dubstep, jungle, acroplane, filaria, electroacoustic
Thomas V67 recently had a visit to Ireland, and on his return to Berlin decided to make this EP as a little ode to his experiences here on the green isle.
( 1 reviews )
by margaret noble
Margaret Noble started her career in the sound-arts as an electronic music DJ in the underground club community of Chicago in 2002. In 2004, she branched out from dance floor DJing into more experimental interests to curate and perform at a monthly sound arts showcase in Chicago called, “Spectacle.” From 2005 to 2007, she completed an MFA in sound art at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago. She now performs as an experimental composer in solo and in collaboration. Her recorded works...
Topics: electronica, electroacoustic, melodic, dark, field recording, chicago, acroplane
ACP020 BEW - Dubs EP "Made on a laptop. Extra instruments: trombone, melodica, clarinet, french horn, fretless bass, plate, crisp packets, table, clay bells, radio, kaoss pad, field recordings. Special thanks to: Mark for playing trombone on Gwan dub, Sandra for lending me her melodica, Gerald for lending me his bass, Phil for some drum machine samples, Sophie for her patience and artwork, and whoever left a pair of old radios in a bin for me." Barry C
Topics: dub, electronica, improv, live, instrumentation, bew, dodgystereo, belfast, acroplane
Loom's second album is a childish little bastard. Just turn on your Fisher Price Cassette-Recorder and let your mind wander to the first time you played with fire. Or when you swiped your little brother's matchbox cars. It's all hidden between the stumbling beats and the squeaky little melodys. And remember: you don't have to like this music, you have to nurture it! Don't let it cock a snook at you!
by Vybbtuan
‘Temporalities’ is a collection of attempts towards selectively hijacking the folding and unfolding of metronomes in order to dismantle BPM. In this e.p. the turtle is not given a head start, the barber has spilled his tea prior to the dissolving of the sugar because he did not know if he could shave himself and 100 Ligetis are unable to sync start counting together and so go after the turtle, past Adam and Eve’s zum-tot, until their frame is almost frozen while attempting to cross the...
Topics: ambient, electronica, cyprus, melodic, unusual, idm, acroplane
An Ambient/Lo-Fi EP from Belfast's RL/VL. At only 18 years of age he has already amassed a respectable catalogue, with releases on labels such as Hidden Shoal, Sounds Asleep and now Acroplane. You can also expect a more beat driven 2nd release on Acroplane fairly soon, but for now we think that this little ambient workout works as a nice precursor to it. "All the tracks were created between June and October in 2007. Originally all composed in Ableton and Reason. I've put the tracks onto...
Topics: electronica, ambient, lo-fi, acroplane, rl/vl, belfast
"Here's some music I been doing, I don't know what to say about it, so I present a missive from the desk of the Mothers Against Noise press officer: 'Hurtdeer is a tireless campaigner against the senseless racket of our age. In this anthology of campfire songs and bedtime ditties both rousing and comforting, joyous and mournful, Hurtdeer delivers gentle parables for the modern Mother and Housewife. How does one balance a loving relationship with the ever-growing list of...
German born, Belgium residing Egon Fisk has been writing music since he was only 12. His varying pieces of recent electronica (available here) show an attention to detail, a musicality and an originality rarely matched these days. Some of it works killer on the dancefloor too, as tested in Belfast by us :) He has recently released some other music on Roulette Records, and i believe he has some music coming out on Umbrelladelika Records soon, so keep an eye out for those.
Topics: electronica, electro, idm, melodic, belgium, acroplane
"OK I said I was gonna do this in January 09 but I got sidetracked. Quite a bit. I've wanted to get these tunes out for ages so it's good to finally be rid of them :)" - Waga
Topics: dub, dubstep, jungle, electronica
by T-polar presents Sidney Crawford
Gary Spence (aka T-polar, redled industries, sitezen and most recently sidney crawford) has been tinkering with sounds and rhythms since the mid to late nineties. After countless experiments (which are still ongoing in 'the lab') a debut ep entitled 'Escort Girls' was pressed and released on Modernism Recordings. This was the first in a series of dark almost sub aquatic minimal house joined soon after by Splatterhaus on Karloff and the debut T-polar album Department of Stealth (Morris/Audio...
Topics: electronica, t-polar, ambient, breakbeat, unusual, acroplane, belfast
Our 2nd release from Dublin's Ewan Hennelly, aka Herv. In recent years he has become one of Ireland's best-known electronic musicians, amassing a considerable catalogue of releases on labels both at home and abroad. Check out his live show if you get the chance. While much of his recorded output concerns itself with complex melodic and percussive interplay, his live sets lean more towards the harder end of the electronic spectrum, mixing chaotic chip tunes alongside breakcore and gabba. In the...
Topics: electronica, chiptune, acroplane
This next installment from our beleaguered pal, the Automatic Tasty, is a seven track EP documenting the recent hardships that have befallen this relic. Our knackered mate Is currently spending his days eating packets of sugar under a bridge, a fitting end, Really. Having taken an unflinching, top down look at the sidelines, rather than Quite reading things as they appear, he has come to terms with the undeniable, & Awful, situation at hand, & intends now, to act accordingly. Presented...
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by bew
Barry has been recording music and playing shows for years as part of the DODGY STEREO collective. He played in various bands and then started djing, remixing, and doing visuals at clubs. Namedropping hits include audio/visual support for: Liars, Four Tet, Surgeon and Regis, Buck 65, Le Fly Pan Am, les Georges Leningrad, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Boxcutter, the Alphabet Set, Filaria, Jupiter Ace, Wolf Eyes plus various shows at festivals in Belfast (Illegal Picnic), Paris (Les Eschafodages),...
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Koen Park gets all political in his old age. Don't let that put you off tho! He's delivered another amazing record free of charge. "The idea that our lives revolve around computers so much is depressing and a little soul destroying. Inanimate objects essentially controlling what should be the animate. The more we get into the internet social cycle, the less we actually are part of a healthy society. This is the personal level. Government, poorly run as is nearly always the case, controls...
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The 2nd LP from Berlin's Vertical67. His last album, 'Reflect' remains among the most popular ACPs to this day, but this one certainly tops it, feeling more like a complete album. The themes are similar, at times uplifting and psychedelic, others dark and melancholic, but his production has come on a long way. In our opinion, this LP deserves to rank with the best of 2009, and is certainly among the best Acroplane releases to date. Artwork by Holger Patz and Stefan Kirste. Mastered by DOC NO...
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"The Lazy Burden was made over about four or so days in my dear ma's garage in South London, Bellingham to be precise, edited in my Tokyo apartment a little while after. I don't know when but probably a few years ago now. Its probably going to be the last Koen Park album to be honest, unless I have a massive change of heart and finances! The whole point for the Koen Park project was just to celebrate my heap of junky musical gear and have lots of fun. It's provided that and so much more...
This was originally put together to give away on CD at our recent London show, but we decided to give it away on our website too. Big ups to Waz and all at The Centrifuge for the collab. 1. Red Box Recorder - The Kings English 2. Scrubber Fox - What Happened Last Night, Piss 3. Filaria - Between The Lines 4. The Gasman - Home 5. Koen Park - Mika 6. Roy of the Ravers - Acid Hors D'oeuvre 7. Sitezen - Sitty Hall 8. NeuTek - AuxBerries 9. Orange Melamine - Volvo Estate 10. Puzzleweasel vs Richard...
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by the last sound
The Last Sound has been writing electronically sequenced music since 1992, and as The Last Sound since 1997...though he's been writing music for as long as he can remember, mostly influenced by Krautrock, Kosmische, Electronic(a), Prog, and Goth. From 2003 onwards, all music under the name The Last Sound comes from the same place - and that place is expanding. To date he has released 3 LPs on various labels, aswell as having released lots of tracks on compilations. 'Fades' title track is from...
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"I first bumped into Icky Sticky through my work on the Amen-talist compilation (as he is one of their crew) and was soon impressed by his original and pretty uncompromising take on Jungle, Dubtronics and Electronica. So, I offered him a release slot here at Acroplane and this is the result" Paul ACP Recs 7 tracks total.
The 2nd release on Acroplane from Wahn contains some of the most interesting dark soundscapes we've heard this year, and shows a leaning further into wonderfully bassy dubstep territories since 2008's 'Alt.binaries' EP. A cohesive, distinctive work that exhaustively explores some of electronica's darker realms. We love it. Cover design by Louisa Donnelly - Mastered by Alex Lennon - Thx for help and support : Alex, Lou, Lu, Paul, Ben,...
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Leading the flocks since 2008, Shepherd brings ewe spiritual guidance in troubled times. The mood is dark, grimy and the landscape desolate. Let Shepherd's hiphop and dubstep endeavors light your path. Music by Julien Itterbeek. Graphics by graphic non graphic.
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by bluebottle farm
"Music To Fall Off Yer Bike To" is the first harvest of farmed Bluebottlage. It has received high critical acclaim from folk who were once master cyclists and who now spend their days gazing wistfully through hospital windows; attentively tuned to the anthems of those tragic moments when bicycle, headphones and traffic cones collide, and the gentle clink of emptied bedpans.
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We've teamed up with our friends from The Alphabet Set in Dublin to bring you this rather fine V/A compilation, featuring tracks by T-Polar, Bluefood, Cempt, Sarsparilla, Mothboy, Mashine, Filaria, Zark Behida, Prince Kong, Herv, Lakker, Startslow and T-Woc. Cheers to everyone who contributed.
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by herv
This is a joint release with Dublin net-label, Armed Ambitions/Organised Ideas. Ewan Hennelly, aka Herv, has become one of Ireland's best-known electronic musicians over the past number of years, amassing a considerable catalogue of releases on labels both at home and abroad. Herv’s music is a frantic swarm of 8-bit melody and syncopated percussion, punctuated by warm wind instrument and layered violin and cello lines. Live, Herv works solely with a laptop and Nintendo Gameboy. While much of...
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by v/a
a various artists compilation showcasing irish talent alongside some of our talented pals from around the world. tracklisting: 10. brian robinson - signs forever 11. clive kells - monochrome forest 12. barry lynn - second order differential (april07 rerub) 13. susan - green line 14. atmogat - critical aspect 15. veds - 9999d.gate 16. sitezen - big boy 17. filaria - electro nik 18. vorpal - dark matters 19. mothboy - deeper down get part 1 here:...
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by v/a
Blake Market (aka Black Market, Zark Behida, Blakkar Noir) re-emerges with an album of utterly up-front, forward-looking hard drum n'bass. Based on a far-flung concept inspired by the natural grandeur of the Boreal Forests of his homeland, this release is certain to please lovers of both old-school techstep and drill n' bass alike (to the exclusion of pretty much everybody else! - ed). Seriously though, it's well good. Pounding, splintered odd-meter breakbeats and thoroughly Canadian nature...
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